About Ushi4

Ciao tutti. My name is Mario Maruca. Growing up both here in California and in Italy, my love for food began at a very young age. Food has always been important my family. I can remember all those large Southern Italian family functions always around tons of traditional food growing up. I can still recall hosting my preschool class at my grandmother’s house and serving fresh baked pizzas right out of her huge double deck oven in her garage.
I still remember all those smells my Zia created in the mornings back in my hometown of Nocera. Those intoxicating smells would become captured in the stairs every morning as I came down to drink my cappuccino and eat my biscotti for breakfast. Taking me, of course, to the table. My Zia’s aromas of fresh authentic Neapolitan dishes every morning, the mornings getting up at 6am with her to prepare fresh gnocchi and the ten plus years of working in an artisanal pasta factory in Campagna Italy, are all major sources of my culinary inspirations. Boun appetito.

im6Spinelli mobile wood fire catering was established to deliver fresh Neapolitan cuisine to any event and provide our guests with the simple art of the dinner table. For over six plus years of serving, we, at Spinelli, have strived to provide the highest quality catering service to all our guests at any event. Spinelli signature touch has always been our 3,000 lbs mobile wood fire oven. We love to showcase the authentic form of wood fire cooking at all our events and prepare all of our amazing creations inside our oven. From whole yellowtail to Bistecca Florentina to our Thanksgiving turkey and of course, to our gourmet wood-fired pizzas, Spinelli brings back the traditional way of cooking, with wood fire. We love how food always brings people together and for a moment in time
everyone forgets all of life’s obstacles and stresses, to enjoy one of life’s simplest
necessities and pleasures. No matter who you are or what you do, at the table, we are all the same. Allow us at Spinelli to create your next culinary adventure for you and all your guests to enjoy. Ciao